International Finance

Lectures are based on the textbooks:

  1. Eun, Cheol, Bruce Resnick, and Sanjiv Sabherwal. International Finance. 2012. 6th edition.

  2. Moffett, Michael H., Arthur I. Stonehill, and David K. Eiteman. Multinational Finance. 2009. 3rd edition.

  3. Pugel, Thomas A. 2009. International Economics. 14th edition.

  4. Szulczyk, Kenneth R. 2012. Money, Banking, and International Finance. 1st edition.

Lesson 1: Multinational Enterprises
Lesson 2: International Banks
Lesson 3: The Balance of Payments
Examination I
Lesson 4: The Exchange Rate Regimes
Lesson 5: The Foreign Exchange Market
Examination II
Lesson 6: International Parity Conditions
Lesson 7: Currency and Commodity Derivatives
Examination III
Lesson 8: Transaction Exposure
Lesson 9: Political Risk
Final Examination ( Multiple Choice or Short Answer Essay)