Money & Banking

Lectures are based on the textbooks:

  1. Money, Banking, and the Financial Markets. 2006. Lloyd B. Thomas. 1st Edition.

  2. Money, Banking, and International Finance. 2012. Kenneth R. Szulczyk. 1st Edition.

  3. Money, the Financial System, and the Economy. 2001. R. Glenn Hubbard. 4rd Edition.

Lesson 1: Introducing Money and the Financial System
Lesson 2: Money and the Payments System
Lesson 3: Overview of the Financial System
Lesson 4: Interest Rates and Rates of Return
Lesson 5: Determining Market Interest Rates
Lesson 6: Risk Structure and Term Structure of Interest Rates
Examination I ( Sample Questions or JavaScript Test)
Lesson 7: Derivative Securities and Derivative Markets
Lesson 8: What Financial Institutions Do
Lesson 9: The Business of Banking
Lesson 10: The Banking Industry
Lesson 11: Banking in the International Economy
Lesson 12: The Money Supply Process
Examination II ( Sample Questions or JavaScript Test)
Lesson 13: Changes in the Monetary Base
Lesson 14: Organization of Central Banks
Lesson 15: Monetary Policy Tools
Lesson 16: The Conduct of Monetary Policy
Lesson 17: The International Financial System and Monetary Policy
Examination III ( Sample Questions or JavaScript Test)